ParaView is a nice little freeware 3-D visualization package created by Kitware which in
many ways supersede more established (and expensive) 3-D packages.



As it is stated on the ParaView homepage:



The goals of the ParaView project include the following


  • Develop an open-source, multi-platform visualization application.
  • Support distributed computation models to process large data sets.
  • Create an open, flexible, and intuitive user interface.
  • Develop an extensible architecture based on open standards.





      ParaView is not too excited about working with xyz data in UTM/TM format. Kai Haacks from FWG
      in Germany has made a handy transformation tool to convert from XYZ UTM/TM format
      (example 346131.45100 5704014.66200 -5.50600 ) to the vtk format. 

      He has generously given us permission to use it (with no liability of course).




      Download xyz2vtk