01. October 2006
Dansurvey delievere Long Range RTK equipment and online personel for the in survey at Kreigers Flak vindfarm.

15. July 2006
Dansurvey deliver Long Range RTK equipment for the geological investigations on Horn Rev 2. The solution consist of a DC201b base station and DC202 with precise heading for the vessel.

10. July 2006
HBC purchases RTK and DGPS equipment, echosounder and QINSY software. Dansurvey perfrom installation and hands on training.

01. July 2006
JD Offshore buys out shares in Dansurvey, and is hereafter 100% owner of the compagny. The activities and business will continiue as useall.

24. January 2006
The HITT Group, in conjunction with Dansurvey, held a WORKSHOP under the headline "From Survey to Chart". The event was very well attended.
The workshop was held at hotel KolleKolle, located only 10 km outside the center of Copenhagen
 Lorentz Ryan giving an introduction to the range of products from AD Navigation

08. December 2005
Dansurvey has made a reseller agreement with ADNavigation in Norwey.  AdNavigation is manufactore of high quality survey GPS equipment and portable Pilot Units.
01. November 2005
Dansurvey purchase a high resolution multibeam sonar, and additional sensors. The equipment will be used in our hydrographics projects and rental activities.

01. October 2005
Dansurvey has signed an agreement with Primar Stavanger on sale of Electronic Navigational Charts. Dansurvey is hereby the first authorized distributor of officiel ENC in Denmark 

29. July 2005
Dansurvey is recommending the versatile and rugged survey launch from Mesuris in France 

If you are looking for a high quality survey boat - look for SURVEX1


22. July 2005
Dansurvey is now offering a wide range of hydrographic
training courses.

As a special feature Dansurvey is offering to combine courses with installation and setup of the client system anywhere in the world.

15. November 2004
Dansurvey is etablished as a survey and consultancy compagny in November 2004. The share holders is JD Offshore and Jesper Survey. Each with 50% of the shares.
The staff has more than 20 years experiences within the hydrographic and offshore business.





The event was very well attended.

Dansurvey arrenged the seminar, and is here going thru the program for the day.

QPS presentated the new powerfull post processing tool 'QLOUD', and further the demonstrated the piloting software QASTOR
Ultra precise portable GNSS L1/L2 system for pilots
Long range RTK L1/L2 GPS/GLONASS, giving level accuracy on 1 cm only.

Mesuris survey launch, fully equiped with multibeam and additional sensors.

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